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Tuscany – a mouthwatering journey of recipes from Italy

TUSCANY book shot

I am a passionate collector of Phaidon cookbooks ( and I am starting on a journey of sharing these with you. The first one I have chosen is the lusciously illustrated Tuscany. This cookbook originates from II cuuhiaio d’argento Cucina Regionale, first published in 2008, and from II cucciaio d’argento first published...

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Grape growing on Kangaroo Island

Grape growing on Kangaroo Island

Grape vines were planted on Kangaroo Island as early as 1837 by island settlers striving to create a familiar life in unfamiliar surroundings. Grapes were grown for personal consumption until around 1990 when commercial vineyards began to appear. In 2001, Kangaroo Island was officially declared an Australian wine region. Today...

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